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Term 4 2017 Newsletter

Please read the newsletter below to find out everything about Term 4 at Shore Dance! 

Welcome to Term 4!

Welcome to Term 4, 2017 at Shore Dance! We have a very exciting term ahead of us as we focus on preparing for our end of year shows! This newsletter is divided into two sections – the first section is our regular newsletter, and the second section is our show newsletter containing everything you need to know about our end of year shows. Please make sure you read through this newsletter carefully as there is a lot of important information for everyone.

Exam Results:
We have now received our exam results for the AJDA jazz exams, RAD ballet exams, and the NZAMD tap, contemporary, and hip hop exams. A huge congratulations to everyone as we received a 100% pass rate and some fantastic results across all genres. If you have not yet received your results, you can collect them at your first class of Term 4 from your teacher.

Labour Day – Public Holiday:
Monday 23rd of October is Labour Day which is a public holiday so there will be no classes held on this day. To make up for these missed classes, the Monday classes will have an extra catch up class on Sunday 29th of October. These classes will be held at the following times all at the 17 Enterprise Street studios:

Sunday 29th October:
Miss Cailtin’s Classes:
9:30am: Pre-school (3:30pm class)
10:00am: Pre-school (4:00pm class)
10:30am: Primary ballet (4:30pm class)
Miss Stephanie’s Classes:
11:15am: Grade 2 Ballet (3:30pm class)
12:15pm: Grade 3 Ballet (4:30pm class)
1:15pm: Intermediate Foundation (5:30pm class)
2:15pm: Adult Ballet (7:30pm class)
3:15pm: Intermediate Ballet (6:30pm class)
Miss Hyde’s Classes:
4:30pm: Intro Level 3 Jazz (4:30pm class)
5:30pm: Elem 1 Jazz (5:30pm class)
6:30pm: Intermediate 1 Jazz (6:30pm class)
7:30pm: Intermediate 3 Jazz (7:30pm class)

Term 4 – Show / Syllabus classes:
During Term 4, students in Grade 2 ballet upwards will have one class a week where they learn and rehearse their dance for the show, and their other class will be syllabus work to help maintain technique. Please make sure that your child is attending one “Show Dance” class so that they can perform in the end of year show. Here is a list of the classes to let you know which classes will be show and syllabus classes:

Grade 2 ballet (just sat Grade 1 exam):
Monday: Syllabus Class
Tuesday: Show Class
Thursday: Syllabus Class
Saturday: Show Class

Grade 3 ballet (just sat Grade 2 exam):
Monday: Show Class
Wednesday: Syllabus Class
Saturday: Syllabus Class

Grade 4 classes (just sat Grade 3 exam):
Tuesday: Syllabus Class
Thursday: Show Class
Saturday: Syllabus Class

Grade 5 classes (just sat Grade 4 exam):
Tuesday: Show Class
Thursday: Syllabus Class
Saturday: Show Class

Adult Ballet classes:
Monday: Open Classes
Thursday: Show Class

Intermediate Level 3 Jazz:
Monday: Syllabus Class
Wednesday: Show Class

Term Fees:
You should have received an invoice for your term fees via email (please let us know if you have not received this). Please make sure that you have paid your fees within the first two weeks of the term (by the 28th of October at the very latest). Our account details are: Shore Dance / 38-9008-0704687-00 / Kiwibank. Please make sure you write your child’s name as the reference when making online payments. Any cheques or cash payments must be given to your teacher in a named envelope. Please note that you will receive a separate invoice later in the term for your show costume hire fee.

Attendance & Absences:
Attendance is very important this term in preparation for the end of year show, to ensure that they are well rehearsed and do not miss out on learning any parts of their dance. However, if your child is sick (particularly if it is contagious) please keep them at home to prevent spreading illness to other students. If your child is unable to attend class due to illness, please let us know by either emailing contact@shoredance.co.nz or sending us a text message to 027 563 0883. If your child has an injury, they can still come along and watch the classes so they do not miss out on anything.  

We would like to ask that parents and family members please do not park in front of the garage door or in the driveway area as this area is reserved for our staff to park in. If there are no parks available in front of our studio, there is plenty of free parking on Hinemoa Street, as well as the Rawene Street carpark within a short walking distance. 


TERM 4 2017:
Mon 16th of Oct:

Term 4 starts
Mon 23rd of Oct:
Labour Day – No Classes today
Sun 29th of Oct:
Catch up classes for Labour Day
Sun 26th of Nov:
Craft Day – 10am at the studio
Thurs 14th of Dec:
Term 4 ends
Fri 15th & Sat 16th of Dec:
No regular classes are held on these dates due to show dress rehearsals
Fri 15th, Sat 16th & Sun 17th of Dec:
Show Dress Rehearals
Sat 16th of Dec 3pm:
“Welcome to the Jungle” Junior End of Year show
Sun 17th of Dec 6pm:
“Iconic” Senior End of Year show


Uniform Shop:
A list of the uniform items required for each class can be found on tour website shoredance.co.nz/ uniforms. You can purchase your uniform items from our uniform shop located at the studios. The shop is open during the school terms at the following times:
Tuesdays 4:00-5:30pm
Thursdays 4:00-5:00pm
Fridays 5:30-6:30pm
Saturdays 10:45am-12:30pm
Alternatively, you can purchase your dancewear online by visiting our online shop www.thedanceshop.co.nz

Second Hand Uniforms:
We have a Facebook group where you can list second hand uniform items you would like to sell, and purchase second hand uniform items. You can join this group by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shoredancesecondhanduniforms/ 

Social Media

Facebook Group:
We have created a Facebook group for all of our Shore Dance parents/caregivers and students. We have decided to create this as a place we can easily communicate with each other regarding upcoming events, notices, and news. Parents/caregivers can also communicate with one another (i.e. to organise carpooling) and can notify teachers of students absences, plus much more! This will be a closed group so only Shore Dance members can join. To join this group, simply follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/ groups/shoredancemembers/ 

Social Media Pages:

To join our Shore Dance Facebook page, simply visit www.facebook.com/shoredance and “like” our page. You can also follow us on instagram: www.instagram. com/shoredance. This is a great way to see what is going on at Shore Dance, and we also run fun competitions and giveaways! If you have any photos of our classes or any events, please send them into us so we can share them with everyone.

We had a fantastic week celebrating Fathers Day in Term 3! Thank you to all the amazing fathers that came along to dance class – so much fun had by all! Remember all photos can be viewed in our Facebook group
View Photos

“Welcome to the Jungle” Sat 16th Dec 3:00pm
“Iconic” Sun 17th Dec 6:00pm

Show Dates and Times:

The Shore Dance end of year shows will be held on Saturday 16th of December and Sunday 17th of December. The Saturday show will be titled “Welcome to the Jungle” and will follow a jungle theme throughout. The Sunday show will be titled “Iconic” and will celebrate iconic music, people, moments in time, and more!

“Welcome to the Jungle” will be held on Saturday 16th of December at 3:00pm which will include all of our Pre-school, Pre- Primary, Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2 ballet students, Jazz Intro Level 1/2/3 students, junior hip hop, and the junior tap students.

“Iconic” will be held on Sunday 17th of December at 6:00pm and will include all of our Grade 3 upwards ballet students and Intro Level 4 upwards jazz students, Intermediate upwards hip hop students, all contemporary students, and all of our tap students. Both shows will be held at the Westlake Boys High School Auditorium, 30 Forrest Hill Road, North Shore.

Show Dress Rehearsals:

Dress rehearsals for each of the shows will be at Westlake Boys High School Auditorium on Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, and Sunday 17th of December. Unfortunately the auditorium is booked out on the Sunday morning, so some of the dress rehearsals for the Sunday “Iconic” show will be held on Friday afternoon/evening (15th December) and the rest will be held on the afternoon of the Sunday (see schedule at end of newsletter). The dress rehearsals for Saturday “Welcome to the Jungle” show will be held between 9:00am and 12:00pm on Saturday 10th of December.

The dress rehearsals give the students the opportunity to have a practice of their dance on the stage before the shows. Each item has been allocated a 10 or 15 minute time slot during which they we will rehearse their dance. It is important that your child is at the auditorium dressed in their costume at least 10 minutes before their rehearsal start time. Their dress rehearsal time can be found later in this newsletter. Once their rehearsal is finished, they will have a group photo in their costume and then they are free to go. For the actual shows, all students need to be at the auditorium, dressed in their costume and ready to go on stage half an hour before their show starts. Students will meet in the upstairs seating area of the auditorium (this can be accessed via the staircase in the auditorium foyer).

Show Costumes:

To cover the increasing costs of costume hire and running dress rehearsals, each student is charged a small performance fee. This will be $20.00 for students in the junior show, and $25.00 for students in the senior show. Students who are performing in more than one dance will be charged an extra $15.00 for each additional costume. You will receive a separate invoice for this later in the term. Students will have costume fittings during their classes throughout the term and will have the chance to practice dancing in their costumes closer to the show. Please note that all ballet students need to wear their own ballet stockings and ballet shoes for the show. All jazz students need to wear their own jazz shoes, tap students will need to wear their own tap shoes, and hip hop students will need to wear their own street shoes for the show.

Later in the term, you will receive an additional notice with detailed information about what your child’s costume involves, including hairstyles, make-up etc. We will be having a costume drop-off day on Tuesday 19th of December between 3:00pm and 6:00pm. Please return your costumes back to the studio on this date.

Costume Craft Day:In previous years we have held costume craft days where older students and parents come along and help out with finishing off costumes and headpieces, and also bagging up costumes ready to give out to students. It has been such a great success, and a huge help to the teachers, that we have decided to do it again this year! This will be held on Sunday 26th of November at 10:00am at the Shore Dance studios. If you are able to come long to help out at all, we would really appreciate it. We hope to see you there!

Parent Helpers – Costumes:

In planning our costumes this year, we have tried to keep sewing to a minimum, however if there are any parents (or other family members) who are able to help us out with costumes (simple sewing and non- sewing tasks), please let us know as it would be much appreciated. Simply email us at contact@shoredance. co.nz if you are able to assist in any way with making costumes.

Show Tickets:

This year tickets to our shows are available to purchase through Eventbrite. You can either complete the order form on our website shoredance.co.nz/shows or on the Eventbrite website. Adult tickets are $20.00 and child tickets are $14.00 (4- 17yrs) and children under 4 are free. If you would like to come to both shows, you will receive a discounted price of $35.00 for adults and $23.00 for children to attend both shows. 

Please note that you are not required to buy a ticket for your child if they are performing in one of the shows. If you would like to order a complimentary ticket for a Shore Dance student to watch the show that they are not dancing in, please order them a Shore Dance student complimentary ticket. Students do not need a ticket for the show that they are performing in as they will be able to watch the show with their fellow students.

You can pay for your tickets either by credit card when you place your order, or we can send you an invoice if you would like to pay by bank deposit. You will then receive your tickets by email and you can print them out and bring them with you to the show. 

Show Photography:

We are very excited to have Capture Photography photographing our shows again this year. They did such a fantastic job last year! The photographs will be shared via a secure online gallery hosted by shootproof and you will be able to browse and order them directly from here after the shows.

Backstage Helpers:

We are looking for any family members or friends who would be available to help out backstage at our end of year shows. We need helpers to assist with looking after students backstage, helping with costume changes, checking tickets at the door etc. All helpers will receive a complimentary ticket to the show that they are not helping out with. If you know of anyone who may be interested in helping us out, please let me know.

Show Videography:

Both of our shows will be professionally filmed by Captures Video Productions. This year you will have the option of either purchasing a DVD of either (or both) shows, or else you may purchase digital versions. The cost of purchasing the DVDs are $30.00 each (or $55 for both show DVDs), or else you may pay $25.00 for the digital version. You will be given a secure password which will provide you access to download the video files from both shows online. To order your copy of the show DVD or the digital version, simply complete the order form on our website by following this link: Order Show Videos  DVDs will be available in the New Year to either collect from the studio, or you can pay extra to have them couriered to you. For those who purchase the digital version, you will be emailed as soon as the editing is complete and you can access this using your secure password.

Click Here to Purchase Show Tickets


9:00am Saturday 10am Pre-school Miss Olivia
9:10am Tuesday morning 10am & 10:30am Pre-school Miss Caitlin
9:20am Saturday 9:30am Pre-school Miss Olivia
9:30am Monday 3:30pm Pre-school Miss Caitlin
9:40am Saturday 9am Pre-school Miss Olivia
9:50am Monday 4pm Pre-school Miss Caitlin
10:00am Saturday 11:15am Grade 1 Ballet Miss Olivia
10:10am Monday 4:30pm Primary Ballet Miss Caitlin
10:20am Saturday 10:30am Primary Ballet Miss Olivia
10:30am Saturday 1:45pm Pre-primary Ballet Miss Caitlin
10:40am Tuesday 3:30pm Junior Hip Hop Miss Hayley
10:50am Saturday 3pm Primary Ballet Miss Caitlin
11:00am Wednesday 3:30pm Intro 1/2 Jazz Miss Claire
11:10am Satursday 2:30pm Pre-school Miss Caitlin
11:20am Tuesday 3:30pm Grade 1 Ballet Miss Stephanie
11:30am Saturday 10am Grade 2 Ballet Miss Hyde
11:40am Wednesday 3:30pm & 4:15pm Primary/Grade 1 Ballet Miss Stephanie
11:50am Monday 4:30pm Intro 3 Jazz Miss Hyde
12:00pm Tuesday 4:30pm Grade 2 Ballet Miss Stephanie
12:10pm Level 1 / 2 / 4 Tap combined Miss Jo

4:00PM Wed 3:30pm Intro 4 Jazz Miss Olivia
4:15PM Thurs 4:30pm Grade 4 Ballet Miss Stephanie
4:30PM Wed 6pm Intermediate 3 Jazz Miss Olivia
4:45PM Tues 6:30pm Grade 5 Ballet Miss Stephanie
5:00PM Wed 4:30pm Intro 5 Jazz Miss Olivia
5:15PM New Inter Found Ballet Miss Stephanie
5:30PM Fri 5:30pm Elem 1/2 Jazz Miss Claire
5:45PM Mon 4:30pm Grade 3 Ballet Miss Stephanie
6:00PM Wed 5:45pm Level 3 Contemp Miss Claire
6:15PM Thurs 7:30pm Adult Ballet Miss Stephanie
6:30PM Fri 6:30pm Elem 3 Jazz Miss Claire
6:45PM Wed 5:15pm Inter Hip Hop Miss Hayley
7:00PM Fri 3:45pm Intro Contemp Miss Claire
7:15PM Wed 4:15pm Senior Hip Hop Miss Hayley
7:30PM Fri 4:30pm Level 4 Contemp Miss Claire
7:45PM Wed 6:15pm Adult Hip Hop Miss Hayley
2:00PM Fri 5:30pm Inter Found Ballet Miss Kezia
2:15PM Thurs 4:45pm Level 6 Tap Miss Jo
2:30PM Advanced Ballet Miss Kezia
2:45PM Mon 5:15pm Elem 1 Jazz Miss Hyde
3:00PM Beginners Adult Tap Miss Jo
3:15PM Sat 1pm Grade 5 Ballet Miss Hyde
3:30PM Intermediate Adult Tap Miss Jo
3:45PM Mon 6:15pm Inter 1 Jazz Miss Hyde
4:00PM Advanced Adult Tap Miss Jo

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Physical Address: 17 Enterprise St, Birkenhead, Auckland 0626
Mailing Address: PO Box 34626, Birkenhead, Auckland 0746
Phone: 027 563 0883

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